Crysis Warhead goes Gold!

It is the last step before the publishing: The editor of Crysis Warhead decided to give the Gold stamp to the current development of this FPS PC game that is eagerly awaited (it’s tkaing into the footsteps of Crysis, the performance is expected to climb significantly, the images to be as beautiful as before and the synopsis will restart the story of Crysis from the point of view of another character).


  • 12 September in Europe
  • 16 September in North America

Images to wait patiently


All the videos are below:

First, the trailer that I would advise you to play directly in HiRez and in full screen mode (Blow yourself up!)

Link to GameTrailers
Link to the High-Def trailer (Simply gorgeous!)

Then, two demos filmed in public (sorry for the background noise and the very low quality of the images).

Link to GameTrailers

Link to GameTrailers

Gameplay from Game-Con 2008

Link to 3D guru

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