What will be the new Nikon D800?

Chasseur d’Image recently told us all that the Nikon D800 was not only a rumour. But what is really this bizarre photo camera (bizare because still unknown)? The question is there to be answered and it’s a difficult task. But, let’s see what we can infer from the little data available.

According to the numbering scheme, it would not be the direct successor of the Nikon D3 (totally pro). On the contrary, coming behind the Nikon D700, and much too early to be its replacement, in the semi-pro range, this must be a better camera.

Nikon D800?
Nikon D800?

Furtheremore, it appears that the Nikon D700 has a camera body which is not fully exploited: The memory card location seems pre-cut for an additional and smaller Flash card (SD model, probably). It seriously leads us toward the high-end cameras using two cards simultaneously to write both the RAW files on one card and JPEG files on the other. This would clearly be a feature for a high-end camera, but without being enough to create a separate model.

Hwever, Nikon became the specialist of re-use, re-cycle and modularity of its SLR cameras. They ensure that as many parts as possible are common to two different cameras. So, I would believe that…

  • the Nikon D700 body will be re-used (sorta confirmation of the Nikon D800)
  • this camera would be in the high-end

But which body?

I wonder whether the Nikon D800 (let’s use this name for the time being) would not be the real user of the Sony Full Frame 24.6 mega-pixel sensor that has been promised to us. Can you imagine it? A semi-pro Full Frame range at Nikon with a D700 of 12.1 MP and a Nikon D800 of 24.6 MP. Nikon would only have to add a high-end pro successor to the Nikon D3 in January of February 2009 and, here comes the best-looking range of digital cameras for enthusiast photographers.

Nikon would have no real dififcult to succeed here. At least, they already have everything for it.







6 responses to “What will be the new Nikon D800?”

  1. Maurício Costa Avatar
    Maurício Costa

    If this would be the new design, Nikon is getting it WRONG! And Nikon is very good when handling is concerned….
    Imagine yourself using this vertical shutter button…. the grip is thin in the base? I mean, theres no grip at all for holding it vertically…. disaster! Very well done Photoshop…. exagerated the specs though….. (ISO 12800? D3x goes only by 1600!)
    Shure there’s a D700x/D800 in the oven, but not this one….

  2. Yves Roumazeilles Avatar


    I agree with most of your comment, and I feel that the picture is more “Photoshop fun” than fact.

    However, I invite you to check your facts about the Nikon D3x.
    You will find a lot more in my other web site http://www.YLovePhoto.com, about the Nikon D3x and about the possible upcoming Nikon D800.

  3. nilesh vyas Avatar
    nilesh vyas

    just i won know about nikon d800 price .cos just think abt canon 7d .i hv totally equepment of nikon reply me asap

  4. Full Frame Fan Avatar

    It’s taken over 3 years, but it looks like the D800 is going to be announced soon. The Nikon press event scheduled for August 24th is creating a lot of buzz. Hopefully the D800 will be announced along with the D4.

  5. Yves Roumazeilles Avatar

    Apparently, the August 24th date is nearly certain. I will post the latest data on http://www.ylovephoto.com/

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