Far Cry 2: Last bush fire of this Summer

The waiting as nearly over. Our PC screens will welcome Far Cry 2 at the end of October 2008. Up to then, we still have images, movies, trailers for this FPS game for the PC which will lead us to the sun-burnt savanahs from Africa where the Jackal is romaing freely with his dangerous acolytes.

OK! I may admit my taste for the African herbous plains is influencing me (as a wildlife photographer, I learned to love the East African savanahs). But we are promised intense action and a gigantic map where we will be able to wander freely as much as in STALKER (another FPS game for the PC where your freedom of movement is enormous).

Trailer (at GameTrailers)

Link to Low-Rez trailer
Link to Hi-Rez trailer

Photos / Screenshots (at Voodoo Extreme)

Last but not least, we learn that -while Far Cry 2 is not even available yet- the editor is already working on Far Cry 3. It will never end…






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