USA: Both old and new

Let’s be precise, I admire that country the United States of America because they can build a major historical event: The voters of America made a new country out of old values.

B.Obama and J.McCain are impersonating exactly that. The new America is a young President holding high the ideals of Democracy, Liberty, Opportunity and Hope but -already so many others told so- it is not only a victory of African Americans but an enormous example of Democracy put in action by the people of a great country. Who would have thought that a black man would walk into the White House while the people who walked with Martin Luther King are still alive?

Old values -and who could embody them best that John Mc Cain?- were at the center of this election. After Presidential Elections in 2004 where values have been continuously promoted and over-promoted, 2008 comes showing millions of people walking to the polls, oblivious of the age of their democracy and decided to make history with the same impetus as those voting for the first time in countries with much shorter history of liberty and votes.

On September 11, 2001, we were all Americans. Today, I am proud that some people from this great country consider me as a friend.

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