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  • GDPR: Some helpful documentation

    GDPR: Some helpful documentation

    It seems that I can help some readers with a library of information about GDPR, the new (in May 2018) European Regulation about Privacy and the handling Personal Data on web sites. It may appear as quite complex. So, I collected a list of those articles I found most interesting for a first reading/introduction (aimed at…

  • How to comply with GDPR in WordPress

    How to comply with GDPR in WordPress

    I have several web sites wirtten with WordPress  and I needed to comply with the new GDPR European regulation (new in May 2018). After a few hours of work to find how to do this right… I decided to share my experience and show the steps I went through; not very difficult, but rather lenghty,…

  • Protection of your privacy and of your data

    Protection of your privacy and of your data

    You may not have noticed it but European Regulations recently required some significant changes on web sites, in order to make sure that they are respectful of their visitors and -even more importantly- of the privacy of their data. Our web site has been adapting since a few weeks with a few nice changes, including:…

  • Security on

    Security on

    Minor technical information for those of you who are sensitive to their online safety. One of the recommended steps to a better privacy and safety is using web site under the SSL protocol (accessing them with https:// instead of http://). Now, helps you and can be transparently accessed through both addresses:  …

  • Edward Snowden: Media black out

    It is quite interesting (or revealing) that a recent interview of Edward Snowden, the guy who blew the whistle on NSA practices of spying on everybody’s email and phones, has received essentially no media coverage in the US and the UK. It appears that large media outlets are actively participating in a campaign to smear…

  • Manufacturing phones in China

    Manufacturing phones in China

    Phone manufacturing plants are impressively clean and tidy. However, at least in a Foxconn China factory, the workers live in a slightly less pleasant quarters. This is what Joel Johnson, Gizmodo reporter, has been able to show us. All the photos and comments are on Wired.