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GDPR: Some helpful documentation

It seems that I can help some readers with a library of information about GDPR, the new (in May 2018) European Regulation about Privacy and the handling Personal Data on web sites. It may appear as quite complex. So, I collected a list of those articles I found most interesting for a first reading/introduction (aimed at… Read More

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How to comply with GDPR in WordPress

I have several web sites wirtten with WordPress  and I needed to comply with the new GDPR European regulation (new in May 2018). After a few hours of work to find how to do this right… I decided to share my experience and show the steps I went through; not very difficult, but rather lenghty,… Read More

Protection of your privacy and of your data

You may not have noticed it but European Regulations recently required some significant changes on web sites, in order to make sure that they are respectful of their visitors and -even more importantly- of the privacy of their data. Our web site has been adapting since a few weeks with a few nice changes, including:… Read More

HTTPS (SSL) address bar

Security on Roumazeilles.net

Minor technical information for those of you who are sensitive to their online safety. One of the recommended steps to a better privacy and safety is using web site under the SSL protocol (accessing them with https:// instead of http://). Now, Roumazeilles.net helps you and can be transparently accessed through both addresses: https://www.Roumazeilles.net/ http://www.Roumazeilles.net/  … Read More

Edward Snowden: Media black out

It is quite interesting (or revealing) that a recent interview of Edward Snowden, the guy who blew the whistle on NSA practices of spying on everybody’s email and phones, has received essentially no media coverage in the US and the UK. It appears that large media outlets are actively participating in a campaign to smear… Read More

Naked body scanners in airports: They don’t work

The debate rages, for a few weeks now, after the attempted bombing of the Amsterdam-Detroit flight in which a terrorist tried to ignite an explosive device hidden in his underpants. Shouldn’t we install this wonder technology that allows to strip naked search the passengers and to see anything they transport under their clothes? “Long live… Read More

IE6 becomes Firefox 3.6 with the help of China

This week has seen a pretty exhilarating story develop in front of our Internet eyes. Started as a muddy conflict between Google and the People’s Republic of China, it turned into a Firefox marketing victory. Let me summarize it a bit. In the beginning was Google which installed its servers in China in 2006. The… Read More

UltraSurf: Internet privacy for the masses

Just a short notice. I discovered a very simple and relatively powerful Internet privacy solution, Ultrasurf, for those of us who may be interested in browsing the Internet in near complete anonymity: hide IP addresses and locations, clean browsing history, cookies & more … It may be the future of Internet privacy.

Don’t sleep at the tatoo parlour

Belgian Kimberley Vlaeminck, 18, went to a tattoo parlor and asked for 3 tattooed stars. But, she fell asleep and woke up with 56 black stars. In a sense, this is nice, but she seems pissed off. Update on 24-June: It appears that after some time and media pressure, Kimberley admitted that this was not… Read More


It seems that everything has already been said about the riots and protests that are currently observed following the presidential elections in Iran. Up to now, I felt unable to even comment about it. But I wanted to add my own little pebble to the building of putting light onto the events that are probably… Read More

Transition times

According to the Guardian, change was long overdue. 8 years of Democrat presidency in Washington was much too much. Now that Al Gore is leaving the oval office, it’s time to go to more serious stuff. You can appreciate it if you read the first paragraph: No one thought Al Gore would be a loveable… Read More

Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Article 1  All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood. …   The Universal Declaration of Human Rights was adopted by the United Nations General Assembly on 10 December 1948 at Palais de… Read More

USA: Both old and new

Let’s be precise, I admire that country the United States of America because they can build a major historical event: The voters of America made a new country out of old values. B.Obama and J.McCain are impersonating exactly that. The new America is a young President holding high the ideals of Democracy, Liberty, Opportunity and… Read More