Search terms

Looking into the search terms used by people on the, I had some fun recently. Let’s quickly browse some of the most representative surprising ones:

  • chasseur francais poussiere reflex (in English: French hunter SLR dust): I did not have in mind that we had so many readers interested in photo hunting in the most basic technological meaning: hunting the dust on the SLR sensor;
  • nero burner 8 dovnlod free: I am surprised this reached any target with such a typo;
  • appareil photo nicon 8 mega: Some people are unsure about the name of famous photo brands (Nikon or Nicon?)
  • microsoft office for mac for free illegal: This one really is looking for the illegal version of MS-Word. Not even thinking a minute about getting it free legally 😉
  • so many dots!
  • rechercher (in English: Search for This guy is looking for one great web site. He has the exact address and is directed onto my web site. I would advise him never to press the “I’m feeling lucky!” button of Google search…







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