633,048 votes (9:47) become 587,913 votes (13:53)

633,048 votes (9:47) become 587,913 votes (13:53)

It seems that everything has already been said about the riots and protests that are currently observed following the presidential elections in Iran.
Up to now, I felt unable to even comment about it. But I wanted to add my own little pebble to the building of putting light onto the events that are probably at the core of a real re-foundation of the Iran nation and society.

Like many others, I have the intense feeling that this is a battle between two factions inside the same political regime. The difference between Mousavi and Ahmadinejad still is more a difference of degree than a difference of nature and even if the results have been rigged by the State direction (see on the right the Iran TV announcing results in favor of Mousavi, then correcting them in favor of Ahmadinejab – while the Ministry of the Interior had already unofficially informed Mousavi of a victory that would come to be quickly denied), the candidates were no less pre-approved before the elections.

Call me pessimistic, but I fear this revolt will not be the revolution awaited by some many people out of Iran.

In the meantime, people are killed while fighting for their liberty. This is exactly the kind of fight that is bringing democracy in a country… in the end.


© Matt Bors

© Matt Bors

“Sure, we could all stay home and quietly the results of a blatantly stolen election…”; “But we reject the American way of life!”

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