Mafia Wars: Get a large mafia in no time

If you are on Facebook, you certainly know Mafia Wars, this online game, slightly addictive, grouping several million FB users, where you try to progress in a mafia world while doing lowly jobs in New York, Cuba, Moscow (and soon Bangkok or the American West).

One of the difficult aspects is to build yourself a large mafia. You should recruit 501 friends to be stronger in fights. But not many people can really find 500 friends ready to spend a lot of time on a (slightly silly) online game. So, you should use on of the hidden tricks. Build your mafia in a matter of days:

First, sign-in as a Mafia Wars fan. You will receive all announcement messages about this game.

Find one of the messages and rush to the comments telling the world that you want to extend your family. Don’t overdo it, just say “Add me”, possibly adding your current level (“level 184”). You should immediately start receiving invitations from other players asking to be friend and then mafia members.

You can also merely notice people like you in the comments and ask them to become friends and part of your mafia family.

Add me, please!

Add me, please!

In any case, I recommend to clean up the list of your friends after some time (they will stay in your mafia family anyway). It is not useful to have hundreds of unknown people being your friends on Facebook. But it’s your life…

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