Mafia Wars: Combat strategy

In Mafia Wars, fight is a critical par of the game, but it is too often neglected by players. Personally, I love to use it for several good reasons:

  • Stamina points are quickly renewed,
  • Fights are producing a lot of experience points,
  • In fights, you get quick money (specially in cities where jobs are not very efficient like Cuba or Moscow),
  • In fights, you get loots on your victims (I collected many an object that I did not know yet how to acquire in a more normal way, through MW job)

So, be an active mafioso and fight! A hundred fights a day is a good rhythm (but you could go faster if you really want it).

The fight below is a good example of several tactical tricks I use and appreciate in Mafia Wars fights:


  • Choose your adversaries: Your mafia must be at least twice as big as theirs, to be sure to always kick them down (Mafia Wars only offer adversaries around your own level, in this case a level 194 while I’m 184): Here, Tiny Larson is part of 94-man gang and my mafia is 354 strong)
  • Don’t kick twice a guy who did not drop some significant money, but remember that there is a hard-coded limit at $65,000$ per combat (obviously, in this example, I did well; And I immediately repeated my attack in order to grab as much money as possible from his bleeding beaten body)
  • A mafia family member doubled my experience points (+4 Experience)
  • A mafia family member collected a dropped item (loot) for me (Al Capone found a M16A1…)

All in all, a pretty nice and productive fight.

Then, as soon as I’m out of breath (Health fallen under 20 points), I rush to New York to stop by the hospital and bring me back into shape. New York has the strong advantage of allowing you to earn a lot of money (you only let the Properties produce their revenues) that cannot be invested in nothing else than good medicine. So, these fights become a good mean to convert real-estate income in New York into another currency and plenty of other objects (loot).

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