Mafia Wars: Best weapons

Again in order to give you the best chances to improve a lot your fighting capacity in Mafia Wars, Facebook coooperative online game, here are some of my recommendations on weaponry and the best way to prepare your mafia for combat (fight).

  • Build a powerful mafia (if some of the family members are sleeping on the job, do not hesitate: cull them out of your mafia team)
  • Arm your mafia: In each category, you should have at least one of the best weapons for eachof the mafia members. For example, in New York, you will go and buy (when you can) hundreds of Bonus weapons. They don’t come cheap, but it’s the best money can buy. Also, purchase hundreds of Body Armors and 500 Town Cars (It will also earn you an Achievement)
  • Don’t buy Boosts if you don’t havea precise and urgent use for them. You would waste them in meaningless fights.


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