An astonishing little African antelope living in the rocks. Nearly impossible to see, we only found it thanks to the bright eyes of Frédérique Massenet who was the only one able to recognize the animal even perched on top of its rock right in the sunset light.

Copyright (C) Yves Roumazeilles - All rights reserved

For the photographers really willing to know, the conditions for this shot were a bit out of the ordinary:

  • 400mm f/4.5 Minolta telel-lens screwed onto a 2x multiplier of the same brand and attached to a Sony Alpha 700 (equivalent to a 1200mm lens on a 35mm film),
  • The lack of light forced me to work at ISO 800,
  • As I was not really sure of my focus, I preferred to close the diaphragm a little with an f/9 aperture,
  • So, I had to use a slow exposure speed: 1/60s (!)
  • To keep one good image, I chose to shoot a continuous sequence of many pictures while stopping myself against a bean bag and there was only one usable picture.
  • Back on the computer, I drastically cropped the original photograph…

At the end, the Klipspringer is a rather cute antelope, isn’t it?

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