A caiman killed by an electric eel (video)

A jacaré (A Brazilian caiman) is a powerful hunter, but it may sometimes encounter a more fearful adversary. In the video clip below, a Brazilian fisherman caught an electric eel (a fresh water fish from the Amazon looking like our eels but with two important differences: It can reach more than 2m /6 feet and can produce more than 600V of electric voltage [W]). Gone collecting a knife, the fisherman left if on the river bank. When he comes back, he finds a caiman checking the eel and he immediately starts the camera.

As a matter of fact, after a short observation time, the caiman decides to eat some. But immediately after biting a bit, the caiman suffers intense convulsions and dies in only a few seconds while the fisherman cannot believe what he sees (he calls his friend to go and see something he never saw in his life).

Source: The Telegraph.

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