Polar bear

Backlit polar bear

Polar bear

ours polaire

ours polaire

Lower Savage Island, Nunavut, Canada
August 2016.



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2 responses to “Backlit polar bear”

  1. Frank Harper Avatar
    Frank Harper

    Belle bête! Elle à l’air d’être en pleine forme. Avez vous observé des effets du changement climatique?

  2. Yves Roumazeilles Avatar

    He’s a nice plump young guy. He wasn’t the only one in this kind of state (it was clear that most of this year’s bears were quite in good health – probably excellent food quantity last Summer already).

    Global climate change? The whole country is observing the glaciers flowing back up. The straits are opening more and more in Summer. This year, we travelled in about the opposite direction of the Crystal Serenity (a 1000+ passenger cruise ship) which was the first to attempt (and succeed, I believe) in crossing the whole NorthWest Passage. They had an ice-breaker, just in case, but I’m afraid that from what we saw, they did not need it at all on most of the trip.

    Just remember that a couple of centuries ago, desperate boats and fishermen attempting to extract themselves from ice floes after spending a harsh Winter in parts of the NW Passage, sometimes succeeded at moving by… less than 20 miles in the whole Summer. This was not a passage…

    This year, we had to go around some ice to avoid risking a call for assistance. Nothing life-threatening.

    But we did not observe the orcas (killer whales) that are going North in the most recent years, because… now they can. And many other things are less obviously perceptible.

    Climate change denial? No way.

    Caused by Man? Do you want to bet the future of Humanity?

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