Breaching humpback whales – Wrangel Island

The whale whose song is so elaborate, the humpback whale, is the easiest to observe in the cold waters of North-Eastern Russia (it lives in all oceans and seas of the world).

It is quite easy to approach humpbacks, which makes them a nice and easy subject for wildlife photography.

But we were very lucky to find a large group of those cetaceans relaxing in a fjord and slowly cruising around. The most pleasant (nad actually stunning) was to discover that one of them was a young guy willing to have a bit of fun jumping out (breaching) regularly (and quite often). This created a marvelous photo op, and an unforgettable moment, with plenty of splashes captured by the camera…

Humpback whale (Megaptera novaeangliae), baleine à bosse.
Wrangel Island, Russia.
August 2018.

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