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  • Killer whale – Wrangel Island

    Killer whale – Wrangel Island

    A beautiful killer whale spotted from the boat, while cruising far from the coast. Orca, or killer whale (Orcinus orca), orque, ou épaulard.Wrangel Island, Russia.August 2018.

  • Breaching humpback whales – Wrangel Island

    Breaching humpback whales – Wrangel Island

    The whale whose song is so elaborate, the humpback whale, is the easiest to observe in the cold waters of North-Eastern Russia (it lives in all oceans and seas of the world). It is quite easy to approach humpbacks, which makes them a nice and easy subject for wildlife photography. But we were very lucky…

  • Gray whales – Wrangel Island

    Gray whales – Wrangel Island

    Gray whales have been hunted to extermination in the Atlantic Ocean. But you can still find some in the Pacific Ocean (and the Behring Straits). These very quiet monsters may even jump out of the water (Is it a game? Is it communication? Nobody really knows). Gray whale (Eschrichtius robustus), Baleine grise.Wrangel Island, Russia.August 2018.

  • Wrangel Island – Beluga whales

    Wrangel Island – Beluga whales

    Belugas are not too difficult to find (much less than the elusive narwhal). But, like all whales, they are often hard to catch in action. Here, a group of the white whales was hunting slamon. The grey one is just a young which did not yet grow its porcelain-colored skin. Beluga whale (Delphinapterus leucas), Béluga, ou…

  • Next time I dive, I want to meet this shark

    Next time I dive, I want to meet this shark

    Let’s admit that it won’t be easy to see such a whale shark baby playing (or discovering how to play) with the bubbles produced by scuba divers. So cute a baby! Source: Requin-Blanc.

  • Whales family

    Whales family

    Finally, a nice picture of Mom and her little one, cruising together in calm waters: Short-finned pilot whale (Globicephala macrorhynchus, Baleine pilote, Globicéphale). Davis Strait, Nunavut, Canada August 2016.