Fantastic narwhals!

The Narwhal is a (small) toothed whale rather extraordinary because it holds a kind of long protruding spiral tusk (actually an overdevelopped toothwhich can reach up to 4 meters in adult males). Rather discreet (small blow, defintely timid), the narwhal is not easy to observe. But during our crossing of the Bellot Strait, we were… Read More

Southern Right Whale breaching in front of Hermanus

Hermanus, in South Africa, considers itself as the world capital of “whale watching from the coast”. Reading this on the Internet reeks of overblown marketing. You can easily imagine this applied to the back of a whale far on the horizon calling for the use of the biggest binoculars. Nothing would be more wrong! You… Read More

Sudden drop of minke whale populations

A scientific study coming from Iceland suggest that in the recent years the minke whale population suddenly dropped from 45000 in 2001 to less than 15000 last year. This is a enormous change that is not yet explained for a small whale that was more or less protected by its smaller size (big whales bring… Read More

Near the end of whaling?

This is the question or the hope that we can have after the opening of a legal investigation in Japan. A public prosecutor announced on last 19th of May that he decided to explore the observed operations of sale of whale meat to restaurants. Greenpeace actively participates and there are many people hoping this to… Read More