Evolution to favor user privacy

After the recent information updates from CNIL and other European privacy-supporting public agencies (in Austria, in Italy, etc.), it was becoming clear that the use of Google Analytics to track visitor statistics on our web site was non-compliant with parts of the requirements of GDPR (specifically but not only, because Google data is stored in the US and not in Europe as legally required).

So, we decided to change the web site (this is actually an underground and near-invisible activity, I have to admit) to remove Google Analytics and start using a solution fuly integrated into the web site itself (with possibly private data being stored exclusively in France). Now, we use the Matomo open-source solution.

In the coming weeks, the web pages mentionning the use of Google Analytics will also be manually updated to reflect this change.

There should be no impact on your daily navigation here. But, feel free to inform us if you observe some incident possibly related to this change.





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