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  • Evolution to favor user privacy

    Evolution to favor user privacy

    After the recent information updates from CNIL and other European privacy-supporting public agencies (in Austria, in Italy, etc.), it was becoming clear that the use of Google Analytics to track visitor statistics on our web site was non-compliant with parts of the requirements of GDPR (specifically but not only, because Google data is stored in…

  • More technical news about our web site hack

    More technical news about our web site hack

    After a more thorough analysis, I believe that I have now a clear image of what happened to . It appears that a hacker introduced itself into our web site through an insecure WordPress plugin. The security defect has been corrected relatively quickly, but it left a wide open gap during a few days. The…

  • Hacked web site

    Hacked web site

    So, it had to happen one day. has been hacked. Nothing very terrible, but a few bad hours for an administrator. The site to be rebuilt in a matter of hours. Passwords to be changed. Several hours lost for nothing. There wasn’t much to steal (the users are not very many). But it is impossible…

  • Protection of your privacy and of your data

    Protection of your privacy and of your data

    You may not have noticed it but European Regulations recently required some significant changes on web sites, in order to make sure that they are respectful of their visitors and -even more importantly- of the privacy of their data. Our web site has been adapting since a few weeks with a few nice changes, including:…

  • UltraSurf: Internet privacy for the masses

    Just a short notice. I discovered a very simple and relatively powerful Internet privacy solution, Ultrasurf, for those of us who may be interested in browsing the Internet in near complete anonymity: hide IP addresses and locations, clean browsing history, cookies & more … It may be the future of Internet privacy.

  • Replace BitTorrent with more discreet software

    If you want to do discreet (if not completely anonymous) P2P, Bittorrent and Gnutella or Kazaa are not your friends. With the advent of more attention from authorities, it is difficult to consider them as good opportunities. I have been looking quickly at some of the possible solutions to protect your privacy while exchanging files…