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Battle of the neighboroods

This post is part of a small series of non-university studies (guest posts from enlightened amateurs) on So, we sometimes welcome a few authors whose works may be of a wider interest or simply original. The work below has been written by Marion Jonchères, in November 2020. Yves Roumazeilles 1. Introduction: Business understanding, target…

Happy Birthday HAL-9000!

It’s on January 12th, 1992 that, according to Arthur C. Clarke, was born HAL-9000, the computer from “2001, A space Odyssey” (the book from Arthur C. Clarke and the movie from Stanley Kubrick). Actually, the first time it was powered on. So, it is exactly 23-year old today. Happy birthday HAL-9000! HAL-9000 is an Artificial…

Electronic books FAQ

I just found a (rather old) post from Cisco Press which tells you all you need about the electronic books, their formats, their various readers (Mac, iPhone/iPad, Kindle, Nook, Android, PC, etc.) in a few English paragraphs. I recommend you go and read (and bookmark, too) eBook Formats FAQ.