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  • My own preferred photos: Wild focus

    My own preferred photos: Wild focus

    I know that publishing here on a more or less regular basis my new photos from my own adventures in the wild world is appreciated by some. But I am also asked to come back to older photos or to highlight some of the pictures I prefer. So, I decided to create a kind of…

  • Battle of the neighboroods

    Battle of the neighboroods

    This post is part of a small series of non-university studies (guest posts from enlightened amateurs) on So, we sometimes welcome a few authors whose works may be of a wider interest or simply original. The work below has been written by Marion Jonchères, in November 2020. Yves Roumazeilles 1. Introduction: Business understanding, target…

  • Happy Birthday HAL-9000!

    It’s on January 12th, 1992 that, according to Arthur C. Clarke, was born HAL-9000, the computer from “2001, A space Odyssey” (the book from Arthur C. Clarke and the movie from Stanley Kubrick). Actually, the first time it was powered on. So, it is exactly 23-year old today. Happy birthday HAL-9000! HAL-9000 is an Artificial…

  • Electronic books FAQ

    Electronic books FAQ

    I just found a (rather old) post from Cisco Press which tells you all you need about the electronic books, their formats, their various readers (Mac, iPhone/iPad, Kindle, Nook, Android, PC, etc.) in a few English paragraphs. I recommend you go and read (and bookmark, too) eBook Formats FAQ.

  • How a book was made?

    Remember! This was long before the text reading on the screen of your mobile phone. We were using books made out of… paper. I kid you not! Here is how they made books in this long-gone era: YouTube link

  • The woodpecker book

    The woodpecker book

    Woodpeckers are birds which are often superb and specially pleasant to watch and photograph. But picidae (the family of most birds we group under the generic name of woodpeckers) also have their illustrated monograph. ‘Monographie des Picidées’ @ Harvard University Library {volumes II + III}. This is the result of digitization of a reference book…