Pre-Photokina calendar (photo news)

What can be forecasted of the most important (in my eyes ­čÖé ) announces expected before the Photokina fair in Koln. 18 September Nikon lenses: AF-S 50mm/1.4 G – AF-S 85mm/1.4 G – AF-S 70-200mm/2,8 VRII.Nikon new SLR : D800 or D900 (24.6MP Full Frame dSLR camera, with Sony-designed sensor), or Nikon new pro SLR:… Read More

2007: 131 million photo cameras

According to IDC, the sales of photo cameras progressed by 24% in 2007 to 131 million cameras. The global market is in the hands of several companies: Canon: 24.5 millions (18%) Sony: 20.9 millions (16%) Kodak: 12.6 millions (10%) Samsung: 11.7 millions (9%) Nikon: 11.4 mililons (8.4%) Olympus: 11.3 mililons (8.3%) For the SLR market… Read More

Olympus E-3, a pro D-SLR: the tests

Olympus launches a new digital photo SLR for the 4/3 format. This already produced a small flood of tests, analysis and commentaries on the Internet. Here is my selection: Olympus E-3: assurant et rassurant (DigitLife – Fran├â┬žais) Olympus E-3, enfin (DigitLife – Fran├â┬žais) DPreview (English) Photography blog (English) PopPhoto (English) Think Camera, commentary (English) Think… Read More

Olympus, the tests

Olympus has now two excellent products in its 4/3 family of digital single lens reflex (D-SLR) cameras: Evolt E-410 and Evolt E-510. Let’s list some of the most prominent tests/reviews published recently on the web. E-410: The Imaging Resource Photography blog Think Camera DPReview E-510: The Imaging Resource Photography blog