Pre-Photokina calendar (photo news)

What can be forecasted of the most important (in my eyes 🙂 ) announces expected before the Photokina fair in Koln.

18 September Nikon lenses: AF-S 50mm/1.4 G – AF-S 85mm/1.4 G – AF-S 70-200mm/2,8 VRII.Nikon new SLR : D800 or D900 (24.6MP Full Frame dSLR camera, with Sony-designed sensor),

or Nikon new pro SLR: D3x or D4 (not sure, this one should only be ready at the end of 2008 or early 2009).

23 September Photoshop CS4 & Flash CS4
Only during Photokina Olympus first camera with Micro Four Thirds sensor
Probably never Canon EF 100-400 f/4-5.6L IS II (le remplaçant du télé-zoom à succés de la gamme Canon)

Beware: We said announces, not releases.

Already done:

Canon EOS 5D Mark II, 21.6 Megapixel Full Frame SLR
New ZE lens family from Carl Zeiss (for Canon EF):

  • Planar 50mm f/1.4 (580€),
  • Planar 85mm f/1.4 (1000€),
  • Distagon 21mm f/2.8 (1400€).
Panasonic DMC-G1 new SLR camera, with Micro Four Thirds sensor
Sony Alpha 900 (Full Frame 24.6-MP SLR) and assorted pro lenses
(Sony 70-400 f4-5.6 G SSM, Carl Zeiss 16-35mm f2.8)
Photoshop CS4 (previewed in Photoshop World show in Las Vegas)
Google Picasa v3 (with face recognition)
Bibble 5 Pro
Canon EOS 50D

Beware: This will be updated as often as needed. This may lead to repeated publications in the RSS feeds and some publication date changes.


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  1. Yves Roumazeilles Avatar

    For those not understanding the difference between the dates of 16th September and 17th September for the launch of the Canon EOS 5D Mk II, you only have to remember that it will happen early in the morning of the 17th in Europe, and late on the 16th in Asia, etc.

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