Supercomputer in a chapel

The most powerful super-computer in Europe (and the 13th in the World), MareNostrum, is located in Barcelona, Spain, and has been installed in an old chapel. This gives us the most beautiful supercomputer in the world (this is nearly computer soft-pron photo).     Photos by Simon Norfolk and Ronald Halbe. Barcelona, Centro Nacional de… Read More

HDR photography, a few links

HDR photography (High Dynamic Range Photo) is a process where you take several photo pictures with very different exposures (different speeds or different apertures) and then use a software to pack them into one image packing the whole range of light. The result is often a little erie but allows to take images impossible to… Read More

Time-lapse sequences: How-to and a 20000-image example

If like me your a photographer who wouldn’t dare making a video, you still can think about doing a decent time-lapse sequence out of your photographs. However, this cannot happen just by taking images and loading them into a software. You must start by studying the lessons from’s Ultimate Guide to Time-Lapse Photography. When… Read More