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  • Everest: Death from high-altitude hypoxia

    Everest: Death from high-altitude hypoxia

    These last days, there was a lot of talk about traffic ajms obsevred on the road to Mount Everest summit. They were the cause of several dramatic accidents in 2019, like in the previous years. Most people would not imagine how challenging survival is at high-altitude, without even counting on the huge physical exhaustion from…

  • The world’s coldest surf photographer

    Chris Burkard is totally out of his mind, and he’s a surf photographer who decided to explore the world’s coldest waves. He brought back images, videos and a TEDtalk presentation which are really exceptionnal:

  • 24 heures du Mans

    24 heures du Mans

  • Practice session – 24 heures du Mans 2010

    Practice session – 24 heures du Mans 2010

    Yesterday, I was in Le Mans (France) to assist to the official practice session of this most famous endurance car race: les 24 heures du Mans. This was an obvious reason to bring along a photo camera in order to click the shutter onto this colorful and very active show. It’s technically very demanding for…

  • One fast lap racing in a Lotus Elise

    In automobile racing, if you start from the last position, it is difficult to come back to the 1st position. But if you have the same car as the other drivers, this is even worse. Dean Evans, in 1985 did much better than this in an Australian car race where all the competing cars were…

  • Le Mans 2009

    Le Mans 2009

    I was at Le Mans 2009 endurance car race during the official test runs of last week. I brought back a few photos (despite the considerable problem of shooting pictures under the rain). The whole gallery and the mini-site to buy posters.