Category: Use your D-SLR

  • 50 mega-pixel photography

    I don’t intend to go too deep into this kind of extreme photography right now, but I wanted to indicate two news items that could be reflecting on the continuous trend toward larger sensors and additional pixels: 50 Megapixel Hasselblad H3DII-50: 36x48mm CCD sensor. Kodak Unveils 50-Megapixel CCD Again, those people are keeping pixel size…

  • Macrophoto and bird

    Macrophoto and bird

    I assume that the lens choice was not the right one. Unfortunately, I could not find the author of this image.

  • Why go Full Frame?

    Why go Full Frame?

    With all this talk about existing Full-Frame photo cameras (Canon EOS 5D, Nikon D3) and about possibly upcoming new ones (Sony Alpha 900, Canon EOS 5D Mk II or some other similar name, etc.) many photographers happy with their existing digital equipment are wondering: “What’s all the fuss about?” And it’s a good question to…

  • Disable hotlinking

    When you have a web site, it becomes quite common that some people feel so easy to just borrow your images that they do not even take the time to make a copy on their own web site. Not only do they use your artwork, but they also use the bandwidth you paid for. Normally,…

  • Photoshop: 101 tips and tricks (ebook for free)

    SitePoint is giving away (for a limited time only) an excellent e-book about PhotoShop. It’s well worth the effort to donwload the PDF file. SitePoint sensational Photoshop book is now FREE to Download!

  • Soon: A new lens in my bag

    Soon: A new lens in my bag

    Happy news here: I finally bought a lens I wanted for quite some time. I found and paid on eBay a Minolta APO G 400mm f/4.5 (Yes! The old white lens that is renowned so much for its optical and mechanical quality, while being nearly impossible to find in auctions). It will go really well…