Nepal with Amawanda – Nepalese dragonfly

Back from a few days of photo trip to Nepal, I feel it is time to share with you some of this astonishing experience organized by Amawanda and guided by Alain Pons. I am more or less a wildlife photographer attracted to the African wide-open spaces. But I had been attracted mostly by the presence… Read More

Bought a new lens converter

I’m just out of eBay where I bought a second-hand Minolta 1.4x lens converter to extend a little my tele-lenses when I put them on my Sony Alpha 700 and the old faithful Konica-Minolta Dynax Maxxum 7D. I think it is going to support me when I go to Nepal (Bardia National Park) in next… Read More

New census sees half the tigers

According to NewScientist, despite the difficulty in counting the big cats, experts estimated that there were more than 3500 tigers in India in 2001 and 2002. Unfortunately, the latest figures are pointing at a figure nearer to 1300-1500. The size of the populations in large parks seems to be still enough to ensure the survival… Read More

84 births: The Siberian Tiger mothers are feeling good

A North China breeding center has announced that they already had 84 births this year. The Amur Tigers or Siberian Tiger, or Machurian Tiger are the largest living big cats with more than 600 pounds for an adult. They intend to breed some of them in order to prepare them for a future life in… Read More

Madness with big cats

Neatorama had a mad streak of posting with all these images and videos about big felines in weird contexts. It’s no longer wildlife, but it’s zazzy enough to show. In this order, you will find below: The leopard in the bed The cheetah in the car (video) The lion in the tub The tigers and… Read More

A photographer in Northern India

A photographer is hidden behind the FloFlo pseudo. She went to Northern India in December 2006 and she brought a few interesting phtoos organized as mini-slide-shows. The initial sorting allowed to separate some photograph of animal (wild or not) and snapshots of the Indian daily life (from a great country were colour is present everywhere… Read More