Category: Birds

  • Steller’s sea eagle

    Steller’s sea eagle

    This sea eagle is one of the largest bird of prey. Magestic in flight, armed with powerful talons and a mighty yellow beak, it may remind of the American bald eagle (or the African fish eagle), but it is a quite different species. You may want to see it actually fishing at sea. Steller’s sea…

  • Short-eared owl

    Short-eared owl

    Short-eared owl, Hibou des marais (Asio flammeus)Hokkaido, Japan North island, January/February 2019.

  • Black kite

    Black kite

    Black kite, Milan noir (Milvus migrans)Hokkaido, Japan North island, January/February 2019.

  • Blakiston’s fish owl

    Blakiston’s fish owl

    Let’s immediately start with the public admission that this beautiful night hunter was shot from a commercial and perfectly setup lookout (perfect from the photographic point of view, more rustic from the comfort point of view; But what do you expect when you come and visit to spend two full nights patiently waiting for this…

  • Ural owl (Ezo owl)

    Ural owl (Ezo owl)

    Ezo, the ancient name of the Hokkaido Island, has been kept locally to describe the Ural owl that is somewhat common in the North of the eurasian continent. Ural owl (Ezo owl), Chouette de l’Oural ou chouette d’Ezo (Strix uralensis)Hokkaido, Japan North island, January/February 2019.

  • Mallard duck

    Mallard duck

    Mallard, Canard colvert (Anas platyrhynchos)Hokkaido, Japan North island, January/February 2019.