Category: Birds

  • Japanese cranes

    Japanese cranes

    The crane is one of these symbols coming through the centuries to feed Japanese culture. It’s everywhere. Usually called tanchōzuru, it is said to live 1000 years. It will be found on coins, bills, company logos (e.g. Japan Airlines), but also on many ukiyo-e, traditional paper prints from woodblock engravings. Inevitably, crane flocks are met…

  • Whooper swan

    Whooper swan

    Strong and dignified, the whooper swan is marvelous subject, in snow as much as in sun. Whooper swan, Cygne siffleur (Cygnus cygnus)Hokkaido, Japan North island, January/February 2019.

  • Rausu, temple of fishing sea eagles

    Rausu, temple of fishing sea eagles

  • White-tailed sea eagle

    White-tailed sea eagle

    More common than the Steller’s sea eagle, the white-tailed sea eagle is a very powerful bird of prey. White-tailed sea eagle, Pygargue à queue blanche (Haliaeetus albicilla)Hokkaido, Japan North island, January/February 2019.

  • Eagles conflicts

    Eagles conflicts

  • Steller’s sea eagle

    Steller’s sea eagle

    This sea eagle is one of the largest bird of prey. Magestic in flight, armed with powerful talons and a mighty yellow beak, it may remind of the American bald eagle (or the African fish eagle), but it is a quite different species. You may want to see it actually fishing at sea. Steller’s sea…