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  • Elephants from Botswana

    Elephants from Botswana

    From my personal observation in Botswana, I would say that elephants are wild animals far from being calm and placid. They tend to frighten easily, to react promptly and to be willing to use their own power to force others to back quickly. These big mammals are very active and impressive: You don’t want to…

  • Elephants of Botswana

    Elephants of Botswana

    The elephants being very large mammals does not prohibit applying them wide-angle photography. And why not using a panoramic frame? Or even a vertical panorama? Click on the thumbnails to enlarge them Botswana 2010, Moremi

  • Elephants of Botswana

    Elephants of Botswana

    When elephants are too near to the photo camera, the only way to shoot a good picture is to concentrate on bits and pieces: Elephant ears, elephant eyes, elephant tusks. Botswana 2010, Moremi

  • Drunk in the jungle

    Did you know it? Marula is a kind of fig quite common in Sub-saharian Africa that is (too) much appreciated by elephants and many other animals. But when it get old and ripe, it starts fermenting quickly. Then, this worthless fruit should receive the warning label like “Drink responsibly” or “Don’t drink and drive”. YouTube…

  • Nepal with Amawanda – Nepalese dragonfly

    Nepal with Amawanda – Nepalese dragonfly

    Back from a few days of photo trip to Nepal, I feel it is time to share with you some of this astonishing experience organized by Amawanda and guided by Alain Pons. I am more or less a wildlife photographer attracted to the African wide-open spaces. But I had been attracted mostly by the presence…

  • Why did my colleagues help me?

    Why did my colleagues help me?

    I am leaving France for a photo trip to Nepal. Why did my colleagues pay a part of that trip?