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  • I have a horse dream

    YouTube link If you want to know more, you can even buy those horse legs.

  • Cheetahs and elephants roaming free in USA

    Cheetahs and elephants roaming free in USA

    Yesterday, we were speaking here about prehistoric big cats in places where they disappeared (e.g. Europe). Today, I want to point at a surprising proposal made by Josh Donlan. Recognizing that many big cats were roaming in North America tens of thousands of years ago, he want to re-introduce lions, cheetahs, elephants and other large…

  • Pintos, by Bev Doolittle

    Pintos, by Bev Doolittle

    Pinto horses, five of them, in “Pintos”, one of many optical illusion-based paintings from Bev Doolittle.

  • Biomechanical sculptures

    Biomechanical sculptures

    Pierre Matter is a sculptor whose production should attract the eye of most of the visitors. You can find more at: Galerie Opera, The art of Pierre Matter on