Pintos, by Bev Doolittle

Pintos, by Bev Doolittle

Pinto horses, five of them, in “Pintos”, one of many optical illusion-based paintings from Bev Doolittle.



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12 responses to “Pintos, by Bev Doolittle”

  1. shikoh Avatar

    5 hourses

  2. lisa Avatar

    This is amazing, how much would this piece cost?Thanks

  3. Yves Roumazeilles Avatar


    If you had checked Bev’s website, you would hve noticed that this painting is sold out. It may appear on the art market, but being a very well-known piece of art, I’d suggest you take a deep breath before looking.

  4. darcy Avatar

    very good!!! i was looking at it and saw the 4 horses and the foal, but my mate didnt!!! ha ha ha

  5. dance Avatar

    i don’t get it :s

  6. travis Avatar

    13 horses

  7. sally anne Avatar

    omg i can only see 3 or sometime 4 hoses in this it sucks i am so dumb

  8. sally anne Avatar

    btw that was supposed to say horses sorry i have the head of a dumb women you cant blame me

  9. Yves Roumazeilles Avatar

    Nobody can blame you for a typo.

    Better, you have the obvious ability to recognize your shortcomings even when they come from a difficult optical exercise.

    Welcome to the “not dumb” category of people!

  10. Michelle Avatar

    I see seven horseys. :3 There are seven, according to experts. The foaly counts. =^.^=

  11. Anna Avatar

    This is a really neat picture. I like the way the horses camouflage with the rocks and snow.

  12. Lhea Avatar

    7 horses .. :]

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