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  • Space and tennis collide in Roland Garros

    30 years ago, on May 28, 1983, in the middle of a tennis match between John McEnroe and Drew Gitlin, the public suddenly started to applaud with no apparent reason. The first US space shuttle, Enterprise, was flying over the Roland Garros stadium during an in-flight demonstration for the Bourget air show. Even McEnroe did…

  • Nurburgring: Holiday on ice

    You never saw the magnificent race track of Nurburgring under this appearance: covered with snow. Better! The snow has frozen. Worse: A pilot takes a formula car on a trip around the track and we can have a peek. No speed record for sure but a very unusual show. YouTube link

  • A Great Sword is better than cosplay

    Sometimes in cosplay (costumed play), you will use a beautiful two-handed sword. Butit will most probably be built from light and soft material in order to limit the risk of useless accidents. Forget all that and move to real middle-aged battle league: Use a two-handed Great Sword made of true good steel. To be sure…

  • Stop complaining

    Stop complaining

    Microsoft Word (or OpenOffice Writer) are excellent software tools with only advantages when you compare them to twhat was available to us a few years ago. The discovery of WYSIWYG:

  • 1 year ago, BP should have had this computer

    1 year ago, BP should have had this computer

    As a matter of fact, many years ago, Texas Instruments was proud of the computation power of its portable calculators explaining how easy it was to check whether or not there was a risk of explosion from over-pressure in an oil rig. Precisely one year ago, BP should have followed this excellent advice and checked…

  • Computer games before marketing

    Computer games before marketing

    Many years ago, computer video games was already requiring advertising, but there was only a skeleton of marketing. Advertising costs were probably much lower than what today’s blockbusters budgets reach: A mere list of prices.