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  • Inflatable Bra

    This Japanese ad presents us the very useful (?) inflatable bra which allows to choose your volume depending on circumstances and according to the control. It’s even better than Wonderbra… YouTube link

  • The invention of big RAM memory

    The invention of big RAM memory

    Before we could discuss of whether or not it’s useful to have more than 4 giga-bytes of RAM memory in a PC, some people had to work with slightly less space.

  • ISS Tour – Welcome To The International Space Station!

    We’re still wondering what this ISS space station is for. We can see it from the ground at night. But, now, we can visit it as comfortably as some of the apartments on sale with Real Estate agents, as if NASA was trying to sell it. YouTube link

  • Advertising is also an art

    Advertising is also an art

  • If you want 25 answers

    If you want 25 answers

    photo credit: Marco Bellucci So, as suggested, you used Yahoo! Answers to grab the attention of Yahoo! users (and Yahoo! search engine) and of people who have questions to ask. So, you thought that this was the end of it? Of course not. Even if Yahoo! has a great legion of followers (specially in the…

  • Wonderbra ad based on pure illusion

    This ad for the generosity of a woman bra brand (try repeating this quickly!) is based upon a well-known optical illusion. Will men fall for this one? YouTube link Seen on