Signs that you’re a bad programmer

Inability to reason about code Poor understanding of the language’s programming model Deficient research skills / Chronically poor knowledge of the platform’s features Inability to comprehend pointers Difficulty seeing through recursion Inability to think in sets Lack of critical thinking Pinball Programming Unfamiliar with the principles of security Code is a mess Inability to determine… Read More

JCI is going to restructure

Preliminary disclosure: Usually, I refrain from commenting about issues relating to my own employer. But today, Johnson Controls issued a press release unusually significant that I assumed would be worth an exception. The American economy is in pain, the automotive industry is in pain: General Motors should see a slowdown of 30% or more, Ford… Read More

AMD, wins and losses

AMD just announced two things nearly simultaneously : loosing $600 millions in operations in the last quarter (the financial balance is not good, but the message in there is: “it’s gonna be better soon”) and receiving a €262 millions from the German government (approved by the European Commission) to support the investments in their Dresden… Read More