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  • Want a new job?

    Want a new job?

    So, you are considering switching jobs to reach a new level or get a better salary. I’m sure that you already connected to and LinkedIn. But you may need a few more resources to improve your chances. I have few unusal ideas to help: BestJobs will find you interesting job offers in Europe. Creating…

  • Manufacturing playing cards

    Chinese workers making decks of cards. They are quick! However, I wonder how long they can sustain such a rhythm. YouTube link

  • Manufacturing phones in China

    Manufacturing phones in China

    Phone manufacturing plants are impressively clean and tidy. However, at least in a Foxconn China factory, the workers live in a slightly less pleasant quarters. This is what Joel Johnson, Gizmodo reporter, has been able to show us. All the photos and comments are on Wired.

  • Signs that you’re a bad programmer

    Inability to reason about code Poor understanding of the language’s programming model Deficient research skills / Chronically poor knowledge of the platform’s features Inability to comprehend pointers Difficulty seeing through recursion Inability to think in sets Lack of critical thinking Pinball Programming Unfamiliar with the principles of security Code is a mess Inability to determine…

  • Why did my colleagues help me?

    Why did my colleagues help me?

    I am leaving France for a photo trip to Nepal. Why did my colleagues pay a part of that trip?

  • Best business card ever

    Best business card ever

    Plenty of people will try to teach you how to create a good business card. Catchy, well-designed, well-balanced and unforgettable. Apart from the plain design (OK by that time), here the best possible business card. You will never forget about this guy. Unfortunately, we will not know who W.W.Green is. The exact text: USED CARS…