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GDPR: Some helpful documentation

It seems that I can help some readers with a library of information about GDPR, the new (in May 2018) European Regulation about Privacy and the handling Personal Data on web sites. It may appear as quite complex. So, I collected a list of those articles I found most interesting for a first reading/introduction (aimed at… Read More

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How to comply with GDPR in WordPress

I have several web sites wirtten with WordPress  and I needed to comply with the new GDPR European regulation (new in May 2018). After a few hours of work to find how to do this right… I decided to share my experience and show the steps I went through; not very difficult, but rather lenghty,… Read More

Once more! Ice-Altitude

Yes! I did it again! Here is a new web site I launched recently. this time, the intent is to share Marion Jonchères’ passion for cold, ice, snow and altitude. Here, you will only find extreme sports, high altitude mountaineering, North Pole or South Pole. But this is based on detailed commentaries and spectacular pictures.… Read More

Color blind: This is for everybody

When designing web sites, many graphic artists over-design forgetting a little-known fact: Around 5% or male Europeans or Caucasians have some sort of color blindness. For most of them it is only a small hindrance, but in some conditions it can become quite annoying. For example, when a web designer relied too heavily on color… Read More

Be a beta-tester

If you have the heart of an adventurer, you may be interested to know that Ijust put in beta-test some new websites that I am working on. YLovePhoto.com (site specializing in digital photography) YLoveBigCats.com (about felines and other big cats) YLoveIllusions.com (optical illusions) YWantVisits.com (SEO, traffic optimisation and web site revenue maximization) Your opinion will… Read More

WordPress 2.6 and images

Minor information about using WordPress v2.6 (the latest revison of this great blog/web-site-wrinting tool). I had a few difficulties to ensure that images where correctly aligned and displayed after the improvements in their presentation in WP2.6. For those really interested, I ended up adding the following to my CSS file: /*************************************/ /* Align code for… Read More

Daily inspiration with WordPress

Some people have been telling me: “You blog! That must take a lot of time and you must be there each and every day”. Don’t worry, I may post something on Roumazeilles.net every day, but it does not mean that I am in front of the keyboard every day. Far from it. I am using… Read More

bbPress installation

While installing the new forums software on Roumazeilles.net (bbPress) [it was only an evaluation that will not be followed immediately by a full implementation], I noted a few of the details I needed to do in order to reach a conveniently installed package. Since bbPress is only lightly documented, it may be helpful for other.… Read More

Dollar going low, blogger earning less

As the US dollar drops in Stock Markets, there are some unexpected victims. As many other companies whose customers pay in US dollars, many bloggers using advertising services are being paid in US dollars (or in Euros converted from US dollars). While the green bill currency was dropping through the floor, bloggers earnings dropped too… Read More

Rich fonts for your web site

The design of a web site is notoriously opposed to the use of rich and varied fonts: You are strongly invited to stick to the small list of common fonts. Unfortunately, this is not always enough. If you already started exploring alternatives like text-in-GIF-images, have a look at this hackzine article: HOWTO – Use rich… Read More

Spell-checking with Opera

I am in love with the Opera web browser. I use it for 99% of my web browsing, so it is also the tool I use when writing posts for the roumazeilles.net web site. The only thing that I did not have right out-of-the-box after download was the ability of checking my spelling (and several… Read More

Fifty ways to track website traffic

You have a web site, you want to see its traffic growth (it appears that this is the number one way web site creators spend their time: They track each and every little traffic change with stat tools). I offer you here a frighteningly long list of ways to satisfy your worst statistical perversions. Fifty… Read More

Install multiple versions of IE on your PC

Ok! This is useless for myriads of Internet users except the web site designer that wants (needs?) to test a page under different versions of Internet Explorer, but the installer built by Yousif ontains IE3, IE4.01, IE5, IE5.5 and IE6. Not bad! Install multiple versions of IE on your PC