Zoom into the Mandelbrot set

The fashion of drawing fractals is a memory of the past (it was probably linked to the first appearance of computers able to collate the computing power for the needed calculations and the display capacity for complex images). But the pleasure is all mine to find this HD video which sends us into a Mandelbrot… Read More

Find your free wallpapers with Google

If you’re like most people, you’d like to have pretty wallpaper on your desktop background. You can always go to wallpaper web sites but most of them are choke-full of ads and they always provide the same usual set. How about getting new ones? Use Google. Now, Google is able to search images by size.… Read More

Surprise! You can find color in B&W photos

This is easy to reduce a color photo to a B&W image (any photo software or any B&W photocopier can do it). But the reverse operation seems difficult at best, impossible in most cases. However, a team of French scientists from the French INRIA (Guillaume Charpiat, Matthias Hofmann et Bernhard Schölkopf) presented recently an algorithm… Read More

Online color thesaurus

Would you know what colour cerulean is? Or peach? Or spruce? Or watermelon? Or plum? Or rust? The HP online color thesaurus is a great way to identify these and to get the precise formal definition of such colours. You type in a name, and it will give you the color, similar ones and anonyms.

Free online Photoshop

In the spotlight: Sony Alpha 900 Canon EOS 5D Mk II Nikon D700 FX Download Nero for free Adobe has been observing the desktop application market and specifically seen Google challenging Microsoft with its online Google desktop suite (spreadsheet, text processor, agenda, etc.). They determined that they want to go the same way in order… Read More

100 fonts with top character

Again, I come back to the issue of free fonts of great quality. DaFont holds links to hundreds of character fonts readily downlodable for both Mac and PC. Usually, this leads to a bunch of crap fonts. Here, the top 100 list is really of impressive quality. Waltograph is copying Walt Disney’s signature, Evanescence is… Read More

Supersize your images

If you ever dreamed of printing images in much larger size than what your personal printer allows (let’s say 3′ by 6′), you have either to buy a very expensive printer or use a very expensive photo printing service. You see the common words here: very expensive. The Rasterbator creates huge, rasterized images from any… Read More