Sony joins the DRM-free crowd

It was about time! I had previously wrote here that Sony was now the last major music company not having announced any plan to offer its music catalog in MP3 format without DRM (without digital rights protection). This is about to change. Sony, like the other disc producers/distributors, finally figured it out: Consumers are actually… Read More

No DRM is good for the media business

Or so it seems from the more recent news I received through different channels these days. First, BluRay BD+ copy protection and DRM system appears to have been cracked. In the latest revision of AnyDVD (a quite well known DVD copying software), there is now an option to handle BD+. It means that even the… Read More

Blu-Ray bad DRM scheme

The very first discs for BluRay+ (BluRay discs with BD+ newest DRM technology) arrived: Rise of the Silver Surfer and The Day After Tomorrow. Unfortunately, these discs are nearly useless because of the DRM scheme used to protect them. For the first time, they use a virtual machine technology that allows to load code at… Read More

Free movies, ad-supported, DRM-spiked

I cannot really test it from my trip in South America. However, I thought useful to inform you that there is a new web site providing free movies. You just have to accept some ads (not very different from what you have on most TV channels). SpiralFrog Did I speak about its legal status? It… Read More

Microsoft WGA servers are down

Those servers are central to validate the “Microsoft Genuine Advantage” service. In plain words, they provide the verification that you are really a registered user authorized by Microsoft. But these servers are currently down (some kind of network failure?) and Microsoft forecast about two days before going back to a normal situation. This simply means… Read More

Bioshock is having real DRM problems

We have been speaking a lot about Bioshock the newest First Person Shooter (FPS) PC video game from Second Take. We expected a very nice game in a complex environment with varied adversaries and game tactics. But we did not expected the most poweful adversary: The Digital Rights Management (DRM) protection against copy. TwitchGuru video… Read More

News from the P2P front line

It has been quite some time that I did not write about the P2P news. They start popping up everywhere and it is time to talk about the wonderful things happening right under our eyes. First, the Internet users start to find again -in Europe- some protection since a decision from the European Justice Court:… Read More

Music without limits

The recent news lead me to talk again about digital music and its cohabitation (or lack of) with network technology. As a matter of fact, we learn this week that our new French President is in favor of a strong action against pirated music and downloads. This is not very new, indeed, but the confirmation… Read More

09 f9 11 02 9d 74 e3 5b d8 41 56 c5 63 56 88 c0, prohibited number

Since the AACS (the protection of HD-DVD and Blu-Ray against copying) is technically broken, there was only one lock left: after unlocking tools, there was the need for the publication of the needed key to allow easy operation. The MPAA tries to ban this famous key number from the Internet while it keeps popping up… Read More

DirectX 10 on WinXP

Microsoft promised that the new graphics standard for Windows (DirectX 10) will not be applied to anything older than Windows Vista. This was enough to push some people in looking for ways to make it work on Windows XP (WinXP), or on Mac, or on Linux. A guy, named Cody Brocious from San Diego, California,… Read More

Vista does not sell because of piracy

Believe it or not, this is what Steve Ballmer, Microsoft CEO, just told to financial analysts. He was trying to explain why the actual sales are already considered as much lower than the initial MS estimation. Apaprently, the most exotic countries (China, Russia, South East Asia) are on the list of the accused. But wouldn’t… Read More