Blu-Ray bad DRM scheme

The very first discs for BluRay+ (BluRay discs with BD+ newest DRM technology) arrived: Rise of the Silver Surfer and The Day After Tomorrow. Unfortunately, these discs are nearly useless because of the DRM scheme used to protect them.

For the first time, they use a virtual machine technology that allows to load code at the same time as the video data. It is thought to be a way to run code that would check if the BluRay players has been hacked. However, the discs do not play on Samsung’s BDP-1200 and LG’s BH100, and most other players (including the PlayStation 3) have longer-than-usual load times (up to two minutes). Samsung’s BDP-1000 also has problems of stuttering and error messages.

Some of the manufacturers announced software updates, but remember that now that DRM is on us, we may have to upgrade the player firmware just to play a DVD…



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