Akademik Ioffe

Back from Nunavut

2016: A cold year where we went to the Arctic North of Canada (in the state of Nunavut, also known as the Inuit country). It was a trip organized by OneOcean Expeditions and that we joined thanks to the help of Polar Cruises:
OneOcean Expeditions (logo)

  • A scientific research vessel from Russia reconverted into an expedition ship, Akademik Ioffe,
  • a few tens of passangers,
  • a staff of more than twenty people (zodiac pilotes as well as polar bear scientist from the San Diego zoo),
  • a trip bringing us from Iqaluit (South of Baffin Island) to Resolute Bay (base camp for many North Pole expeditions),
  • for:
    • wildlife observation,
    • encounters with the Inuit culture and people,
    • discovery of the history of Arctic Canada arctique by the pionneers coming from Europe.

I will publish here some of my best photos from this trip (wildlife is not really dense in the Arctic, but we met many animals: Polar bears, sea birds, seals, musk oxen, whales (both toothed whales and baleen whales), etc.) but I would like to thank the staff right away. The whole staff and crew offered a warm welcome during these 2+ weeks; All stars converged to make this trip memorable.

In the coming days: trip images, to allow you sharing some of the strongest moments we lived through.

Canada + Nunavut flags




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