IE6 becomes Firefox 3.6 with the help of China

This week has seen a pretty exhilarating story develop in front of our Internet eyes. Started as a muddy conflict between Google and the People’s Republic of China, it turned into a Firefox marketing victory. Let me summarize it a bit. In the beginning was Google which installed its servers in China in 2006. The… Read More

Get pixellated DOS games on your new PC

If you have an old collection of PC MS-DOS games that has been sleeping at the bottom of a drawer, you may have two approaches: A/ you prefer to forget the old pixels and buy new games, B/ you were so found of those that you want to play even on your newest PC. However,… Read More

Azureus configuration

In the world of P2P, Bittorrent is clearly the protocol of choice for big file transfers. This is true for videos (pirated or not), for GNU/Linux dsitribution CD-ROMs, for collections of photographic images, etc. Among the Bittorrent-compatible P2P software applications, Azureus is clearly the one that receives the favors of the greatest public. It is… Read More