Faster downloads on Windows 7

Windows 7 is not even here, but there are already people complaining about its download speed when using Torrent P2P software. It has the same limitation on half-open connections as Windows XP. So, there are people who already found the solution: Half-Open Limit Fix is a small, portable utility that is compatible with Win7 and… Read More

UltraSurf: Internet privacy for the masses

Just a short notice. I discovered a very simple and relatively powerful Internet privacy solution, Ultrasurf, for those of us who may be interested in browsing the Internet in near complete anonymity: hide IP addresses and locations, clean browsing history, cookies & more … It may be the future of Internet privacy.

Software galore

We never can get enough of them, but our computers are sometimes overflowing. Software applications are everywhere, but how to choose the right one for the task at hand? I built a real collection of pages where you will be able to find nearly all you can dream for nearly all computers: Five important security… Read More

Newsgroups: Freely download big files

While everybody is speaking about downloads under surveillance of law enforcement forces and **AA groups defending the copyrights of music and cinema, I wondered where the download addicts were going now to get their load of big files. I looked into the P2P networks heavily protected by a strong encryption and supposed to guarantee the… Read More

Replace BitTorrent with more discreet software

If you want to do discreet (if not completely anonymous) P2P, Bittorrent and Gnutella or Kazaa are not your friends. With the advent of more attention from authorities, it is difficult to consider them as good opportunities. I have been looking quickly at some of the possible solutions to protect your privacy while exchanging files… Read More

Sony joins the DRM-free crowd

It was about time! I had previously wrote here that Sony was now the last major music company not having announced any plan to offer its music catalog in MP3 format without DRM (without digital rights protection). This is about to change. Sony, like the other disc producers/distributors, finally figured it out: Consumers are actually… Read More

Western Digital: audio/video police included

What could be the use of network hard disk drive of one Tera-Byte which would strictly refuse to serve files because there may be a risk of breaching licensing agreement potentially applicable to them? This is the question that potential buyers should ask before purchasing the Western Digital disc drives using WD Anywhere Access: WD… Read More

UltraNewb: A beginner’s guide to BitTorrent

“Despite the fact that BitTorrent has been around for a good 6 years now, the lightning fast file sharing protocol hasn’t completely taken off in the mainstream. Since we post a decent amount about BitTorrent around here, we figured it was just time we put out a beginner’s guide to BitTorrent. This is the guide… Read More

News from the P2P front line

It has been quite some time that I did not write about the P2P news. They start popping up everywhere and it is time to talk about the wonderful things happening right under our eyes. First, the Internet users start to find again -in Europe- some protection since a decision from the European Justice Court:… Read More

All the Warner catalog for free

And it does not even look illegal: Warner signed a partnership with imeem to share the adveertisment revenues from the web site when the North American users freely listen to the music freely available from the Warner catalog (including Madonna, Linkin Park, Green Day, Josh Groban, Faith Hill, My Chemical Romance, Big & Rich, John… Read More

Watch TV online for free

OK, I know that I don’t have TV because I don’t want to be continuously force-fed with mindless junk. However, plenty of people would like to be able to have their TV on the Internet. Up to now, you were mostly depending on your ISP and possibly some subscription additional to your basic broadband Internet… Read More

Music without limits

The recent news lead me to talk again about digital music and its cohabitation (or lack of) with network technology. As a matter of fact, we learn this week that our new French President is in favor of a strong action against pirated music and downloads. This is not very new, indeed, but the confirmation… Read More

Free movie: Autumn

Download from Google Movie information from When the movie director Ra’up McGee wanted to distribute his motion picture Automne, he did not find the reception he hoped for. In France, he was offered about 30 theaters (you can understand: Nearly nothing). Sure! His subject of a hit man tormented by his conscience would be… Read More

Old Linksys WRT54G/GL/GS routers running any P2P app

The following note does NOT apply to WRT54G/GS v5/v6/v7s! Use the latest official firmware (1.00.9+) with those; They do not suffer from this specific problem (though they do suffer from different problems). A little bit of information I collected from the uTorrent FAQ. The default firmware for Linksys (and all replacement firmwares except for the… Read More