Create your own PDF files for free

Thanks to Print2pdf from Software 602, a free PDF production utility, you will be able to master nearly everything you wanted to do when creating a PDF file without asking Adobe for their expensive software solution. YouTube link There are other tools for this, but Print2PDF allows both production on your Windows PC and on-line.… Read More

MS Office or OpenOffice? The comparison

Thanks to Bruce Byfield of Linux Journal, it is now possible to have a relatively fair comparison of the heavy-weight champion of office suites (Microsoft Office or MS-Office) and the young hyper-active challenger (OpenOffice). Obviously, OpenOffice advantage is that it is cheaper than Microsoft Office: It’s free. But what are the other ways to compare… Read More v3.2 available for free download

The excellent office desktop suite, (Word, Excel and PowerPoint, in a free form, if you want) just moved to version 3.2 (still free). New features: Faster start-up times Compatibility with MS-Office 2007 documents Better Compatibility with MS-Office 97, 2000, XP documents, encrypted with a password Importation of dynamic tables from Excel Comments are now… Read More

OpenOffice, a few ideas

Just in passing, here are a few ideas to help the users of, the best replacement for Microsoft Office: “Impress: Using Master Slides” explains how to use master slides in order to make a presentation look better and more homogeneous. “Mail merge in” : Doing mail merge from a desktop software suite like… Read More

Find your PC weaknesses

Isn’t it somewhat difficult to continuously check the status of security updates for the many software programs we have installed on our PCs, sometimes not even knowing it? Here comes Secunia PSI to help in this daunting task. It permanently observes the version of the programs on your PC and verifies if there is an… Read More 3.0: Your free replacement for MS-Office 2007 3.0 arrives and this is important. As a matter of fact, the free desktop suite (as interesting as the MS-Office suite) shift in high gear. The new features are quite noticeable: Support of MS-Office 2007 format for documents OOo 3.0 is now compatible with Mac OS X New multi-page mode in Writer Several users… Read More

Chrome is not a browser

How could we ignore the launch of Chrome, the new browser from Google? Every is babbling about it, everybody tried it (it can be downloaded here). But after one test run, I believe that I should explain something. Yes, this is a marvellous browser because it takes most of the good things from FireFox, Opera… Read More

Software galore

We never can get enough of them, but our computers are sometimes overflowing. Software applications are everywhere, but how to choose the right one for the task at hand? I built a real collection of pages where you will be able to find nearly all you can dream for nearly all computers: Five important security… Read More

Email to convert documents

If you want to convert your Microsoft Word, Excel or PowerPoint files into PDF, just email them to But there’s more: to convert from Microsoft Word or Visio to PDF file to convert from PDF to Word or RTF file to convert from WAV to MP3 format to convert from… Read More

MS-Office 2007: I want to read my files elsewhere

The bane (correction: “one of the banes”) of the new opus of the Microsoft Office saga (MS-Office 2007) is that the Redmond developpers once again changed the file formats. I’m sure that this is for the best. But if you went the MS-Office 2007 path and not your colleagues or friends, they no longer can… Read More

Download free PowerPoint

You wanted to be able to produce those pro presentations with PowerPoint. But Microsoft Office seemed to expensive to buy it, so you decided to download an illegal (but free) version. No! Hold your horses. Real solutions are appearing all over the place. Up to now, you had the possibility to use Open Office (which… Read More

100 applications for your USB key

Portable apps for a portable USB key. Portable Office Software Portable Email/Calendar/ToDo Programs Portable Text and Voice Messengers Portable Media Tools (Audio / Video) Portable Graphics Viewers and Image Editors Portable Browsers and Web Tools (FTP, Feedreaders, Torrent clients…) Portable Security Software Portable Games Other Portable Utilities Portable Developer Tools (Techies Only) All-In-One Packages Portable… Read More

NeoOffice: OpenOffice for Mac

NeoOffice is a OS X port of by a group of developers who have thought from the beginning that the Main OO.o team was taking the wrong tack in offering X-11 support on the Mac. Aqua-native, includes both PPC and Intel binaries, allows Spotlight to index both content and metadata of OpenOffice and OpenDocument… Read More

OpenOffice nearly compatible with 2007

OpenOffice, the free desktop suite competing directly against MS Office, reached an important milestone with the availability of version 2.2, Release Candidate 3. This time, we believe, the officiel release of v2.2 is near. Some of the most sensitive improvements were expected by the users: Calc should improve notably the management of dynamic pivot tables… Read More