MS Office or OpenOffice? The comparison

microsoftoffice vs openoffice

Thanks to Bruce Byfield of Linux Journal, it is now possible to have a relatively fair comparison of the heavy-weight champion of office suites (Microsoft Office or MS-Office) and the young hyper-active challenger (OpenOffice).

Obviously, OpenOffice advantage is that it is cheaper than Microsoft Office: It’s free.

But what are the other ways to compare both? Bruce goes to great lengths (3 pages) to try and give us a balanced comparison around the overall interface, the MS-Word/OpenOffice Writer word processors, MS-Excel/OpenOffice Calc spreadsheet applications, PowerPoint/OpenOffice Impress presentation tools.

Interestingly, and I believe that this is a credit OpenOffice, the differences are really small and the price (free) of OpenOffice will be heavy in the decision. vs. Microsoft Office

By the way, did I mention that I am a strong advocate of OpenOffice? I have been using it both for personal and professional activities, for 10 years now; And it it keeps improving a very good base into an excellent tool (including the full compatibility with Microsoft files).


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  1. Online Courses Avatar

    I have used both for over a year now and both have there strong points. One thing to note is that MS Office will only open MS Office doc’s and OpenOffice will open and edit several different formats of doc’s. In my opinion they are both equal. I plan on using OpenOffice only on my next laptop.

  2. rent book online Avatar

    Have you tried the new office 2010?

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