Plastic Logic flexible color e-paper

Flexible color e-paper displays

I have been checking on e-ink technology for some time,…

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Lessons Learned from a new Synology NAS

I rencently proceeded to solve a problem I was observing…

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Pi to one MILLION decimal places

One million useless figures The “most useless page” of this…

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Test your firewall

Shields up! Shields up! will allow you to test the security…

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Recover lost files on CD or DVD

When your CD is dying… The observation Updated information (Jan-06):Now,…

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King penguins

My own preferred photos: Wild focus

I know that publishing here on a more or less…

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Raspberry Pi as a local DNS/DHCP server

For a local network supporting a small company or an…

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Crinkle crankle wall

Crinkle cranckle

Two images that I found both on the excellent TYWKIWDBI…

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Battle of the neighboroods

This post is part of a small series of non-university…

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