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T95z launcher

A TV decoder box comes to our house

Sometimes, you just think aloud about a technical possibility and one of the family members will jump and request an immediate application. What could you say? Your geek reputation is at stake! I spoke about small computers that can easily become a network server (Raspberry Pi) and Android boxes which ease publication of videos onto…

Canon EOS 450D, seen in Amazon stores

Some Amazon stores are showing accessories compatible with the yet-announced Canon EOS 450D. The speculation is going fast knowing that it is the rumoured replacement for the entry-level D-SLR of Canon. But these Amazon stores are only slightly more regulated than eBay. It is probably only store owner trying to attract visitors.

Sony joins the DRM-free crowd

It was about time! I had previously wrote here that Sony was now the last major music company not having announced any plan to offer its music catalog in MP3 format without DRM (without digital rights protection). This is about to change. Sony, like the other disc producers/distributors, finally figured it out: Consumers are actually…