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Big cats roam free in UK (Really!)

Great Britain does not look like the place to look for big cats, but there are some large felines clearly not indigenous roaming freely in the United Kingdom. It is such a big thing that there is an investigative group collecting evidence about them: panthers, lions, cheetahs in the cold weather of England or Scotland.…

Cheetahs, pumas and jaguars of Europe

Found on Tretrapod Zoology, a series of articles about prehistoric felines among which one can find big cats like lions, pumas, jaguars, cougars, cheetahs or leopards on continents where they totally disappeared later. Europe, where the sabre-tooths, lions and leopards are Pumas of South Africa, cheetahs of France, jaguars of England

Jaguars are not worth it, in the US

It’s really sad, but jaguars are on the brink of extinction nearly everywhere in the American continent. Normally, this should justify to start a few positive actions to protect them. But not for the American administration. According to Nature: The US government will not attempt to save jaguars from extinction within the formal system of…