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  • Grizzli fight

    Grizzli fight

    During a recent visit to the La Flèche zoo (in France, South of Le Mans), I had the opportunity to stop for a small time in front of the grizzlis’ enclosure. Three nice bears (2 males and one female) with enough space to frolic around and young enough to love demonstrating their strength in relatively…

  • Fight between an ant and a spider

    And the winner is not the one you would bet on. You must always stay very attentive to the very last move of your opponent under the microscope (or the video camera with a macro-photography lens). Spider attack from Ahmet Ozkan on Vimeo.

  • Japanese bug fights

    See those monstruous bugs fight each other in front of Japanese cameras. 20+ fights in a row. Amazing combinations. INTRODUCTION A lot more here after: