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  • Hitchcock cameo appearances in his movies

    Hitchcock cameo appearances in his movies

    Alfred Hitchcock always made sure that he was appearing once in each of his movies. Probably first because it reduced slightly costs, then for the sheer fun of it.

  • Indigen – Animation short movie

    Man against Nature. Wildlife in Africa. YouTube link

  • (Nearly) every Alfred Hitchcock cameo

    You certainly knew that the great movie director, Alfred Hitchcock, was used to, first in order to reduce budgets, then merely for fun, keep one little cameo appearance in each of his movies, sometimes even a small role. An Internet user collected them all (nearly) in a single sequence. YouTube link

  • Woody Allen love story with a typeface

    Woody Allen love story with a typeface

    For those who did not notice, a disproportionately large majority of the titles to Woody Allen movies are written in one and only one font: Windsor. Apparently, this comes from a conversation with Ed Benguiat, famous American typographer, where Allen wanted to know what a good typeface was. Source: KitBlog.

  • Japanese bug fights

    See those monstruous bugs fight each other in front of Japanese cameras. 20+ fights in a row. Amazing combinations. INTRODUCTION A lot more here after:

  • Top 10 sexiest actresses, Sci-Fi movie category

    Is there a more explosive combination than a good Science Fiction flick synopsis/scenario and a totally sexy actress? In my opinion, not really. So, it is time to award the Roumazeilles.net top-10 sexiest actresses of the history of Science Fiction (sorted from the less sexy to the most sexy). 10 – Tina Turner (Aunty Entity…