Top 10 sexiest actresses, Sci-Fi movie category

Is there a more explosive combination than a good Science Fiction flick synopsis/scenario and a totally sexy actress? In my opinion, not really. So, it is time to award the top-10 sexiest actresses of the history of Science Fiction (sorted from the less sexy to the most sexy).

Tina Turner (Aunty Entity in Mad Max 3, Beyond Thunderdome) - sexiest actress

10 – Tina Turner (Aunty Entity in Mad Max 3, Beyond Thunderdome)

Is it normal that a mature woman, like Tina Turner, would appear here? Yes, because she’s still full of life and brings an erotic voice to a bad ass character that was central to the movie.

Tina Turner is full of life, a ravenous life, a shrieking life. She’s clothed in metal and leather, and she moves as if there is no other woman in the world (and, in the film, it’s nearly true). After a few years, this movie is still worth watching just because of her presence.

Denise Richards (Carmen Ibanez in Starship troopers) - sexiest actress

9 – Denise Richards (Carmen Ibanez in Starship troopers)

Who said that a uniform can be sexy as hell was thinking about Denise Richards in Starship troopers. Already a quite sexy actress, she appears in tight cut uniforms (Grey wool, black leather…; The costume designer tried them all) with a charming smile that would break many hearts.

The movie is hopeless in its simplicity (or is it just that it is plainly militarist and mindlessly right-winged, as Robert Heinlein the author of the book that inspired the scenario?), but the many apparitions of Denise Richards (including a cut-scene of a farewell kiss) are saving it.

Sigourney Weaver (Helen Ripley in the Alien series) - sexiest actress

8 – Sigourney Weaver (Helen Ripley in the Alien series)

What should be said of the most famous starship pilot of Hollywood. Ripley appeared in all kinds of forms? Fragile but determined pilot in Alien, fighting woman in Aliens (some would fall for the combination of tight T-shirt and big weapons), unbreakable castway in Alien 3, real baddy in Alien, the resurrection. Do you remember Sigourney Weaver clothed in her exo-skeleton, addressing the Alien mother with “Get away from her, you bitch!“?

Years pass and Sigourney Weaver creates and creates again a sexy role in each and every movie of the Alien series. But will we get a new sequel? She repeats that she no longer wants to try it again, that she’s fed up with the role. We’re not.

Angelina Jolie (Lara Croft in Tomb Raider) - sexiest actress

7 – Angelina Jolie (Lara Croft in Tomb Raider)

Escaped from a video game where Lara Croft was defined mostly by her silhouette, the character reached the motion theaters in the form (!) of Angelina Jolie. She lost nothing from the original. Maybe, it’s an oversimplification of the feminine image. But isn’t cinema just a simplification of myths and stereotypes where we like to immerse into?

Angelina Jolie offers us a tight combination of an active woman (definitely) and an erotic lack of attention to the effect she produces on men around her. Again, some will appreciate the combination of minimal cloth and maximum weaponry.

Carrie Fischer (Princess Leia in Star Wars, Return of the Jedi) - sexiest actress

6 – Carrie Fischer (Princess Leia in Star Wars, Return of the Jedi)

What can be said about the fact that years and years after the appearance of Carrie Fischer in her tight-clad chained pleasure slave outfit, she is still perceived as a major symbol? SciFi fans recreate her costume, create plenty of art representation of it, dream of freeing her from the ugly alien that keep her bound.

Carrie, where have you gone? Some would think that she disappeared from the silver screen. No, she’s still playing in 2007. But the transcendance of Princess Leia is gone now.

Jane Fonda (Barbarella, in Barbarella) - sexiest actress

5 – Jane Fonda (Barbarella, in Barbarella)

Ah! When Dino de Laurentiis was producing a Roger Vadim film! It produced a cheesy movie, for sure. But all along it, Jane Fonda is moving from one outfit to the next. All more sexy than the previous.

Nevertheless, nobody should miss the opening strip-tease sequence. Jane Fonda will slowly strip in light gravity while playing with the titles (or is it that the titles are playing with her?). Space travel and adventure never got more attractive than in this year of 1968. No surprise that the film got a cult status after that despite its other limited qualities.

Milla Jovovich (Leelo in The fifth element) - sexiest actress

4 – Milla Jovovich (Leelo in The fifth element)

You can be a family picture and show an actress with less clothes on her body than I have in my pocket handkerchief. Luc Besson did it with Milla Jovovich. She is young, pretty, fit, flexible and determined. But she is also fragile, lost, cold and almost transparent at times. Who did not want to be Bruce Willis to help her, to protect her, to hold her in their arms?

Add to it that electric red hair, and Leelo becomes one of the sexiest moments of motion picture SciFi history.

Carrie-Anne Moss (Trinity in Matrix) - sexiest actress

3 – Carrie-Anne Moss (Trinity in Matrix)

Forget about the crappy sequels, but the original one introduced many innovative features. The Trinity character could not be counted as such. However, it is the perfect leather-clad woman in arms. Fighting, armed with heavy weaponry, determined and always near the breaking point. Audiences will be thrilled to see run or shoot.

Black glasses on a brunette takes all their power on Carrie-Anne Moss. Every movie fan will play and play again the scene where Trinity and Neo enter the building where Morpheus is interrogated by Agent Smith. But Moss admirers will suffer with Trinity when she’s tied to the bed which allow her to enter the Matrix.

Uma Thurmann (Irene Cassini in Gattaca) - sexiest actress

2 – Uma Thurmann (Irene Cassini in Gattaca)

Forget about the bitches! Here come the cold sexy women. Uma Thurmann is definitely beautiful and distant in Gattaca. Dark grey suits, white shirt collars, discreet smile: Irene is all grace. But wait for the moment when the scenario will lead her to a restaurant with Vincent Freeman (Ethan Hawke)… All elegance opens up to pure womanhood.

And this is supposed to be the story of a man. No! the movie’s scenario is a shrine for Uma Thurmann.

Unfortunately, this movie did not get the career it deserved.

Sean Young (Rachael in Blade runner) - sexiest actress

1 – Sean Young (Rachael in Blade runner)

Blade runner is a movie filled with extraordinary characters who are one of the obvious sources of its success. The androids, Pris (played by Daryll Hannah) or Zhora (played by Joanna Cassidy), would be excellent candidates to this list. But they do not have the refined qualities of Rachael.

Part of her attraction certainly comes from the open question of whether Sean Young is playing the role of an android or of a woman (fans are still arguing over this single issue -and a few others too). Nonetheless, in a movie where shadows are an integral part of the SciFi ambience, Rachael is additionally surrounded with thin whisps of smoke that would probably be out-lawed today.

And wait for the time when Sean Young will transform herself from the cold android form into the warm image of Deckard’s memories.

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