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  • (Nearly) every Alfred Hitchcock cameo

    You certainly knew that the great movie director, Alfred Hitchcock, was used to, first in order to reduce budgets, then merely for fun, keep one little cameo appearance in each of his movies, sometimes even a small role. An Internet user collected them all (nearly) in a single sequence. YouTube link

  • Before Tetris

    Before Tetris

    Did you known what is happening before the Tetris blocks fall from the top of the screen? As a matter of fact, you should know that it’s ugly, scary and has something to do with Space Invaders.

  • The future of Natal/Kinect

    The future of Natal/Kinect

    You know! Kinect is the new name of the Microsoft technology that allows you to completely forget about keyboard, joysticks, game pads and all that. You move in front of the camera and the stuff does its stuff. Previously, it was known as Project Natal. Today, I found this great cartoon from Ctrl+Alt+Del by Tim…

  • Is your screen dirty?

    The solution is here: http://pugcleaner.com/ Your screen may not thank Xtian for this idea!

  • Drunk in the jungle

    Did you know it? Marula is a kind of fig quite common in Sub-saharian Africa that is (too) much appreciated by elephants and many other animals. But when it get old and ripe, it starts fermenting quickly. Then, this worthless fruit should receive the warning label like “Drink responsibly” or “Don’t drink and drive”. YouTube…

  • Scientific jokes

    YouTube link If you’re not a scientist and you don’t understand these, there is no shame to feel. Some scientists are just wondering what this is all about… Source: Brian Malow on Fora.tv.