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  • Sun and shadows

    Sun and shadows

    Where are the shadows? Where is the sun? This simple optical illusion could let you think that MC Escher did not survived to 2008. Source: Erathic Eric via Dump Trumpet.

  • Homage to MC Escher – By Shane Willis

    Homage to MC Escher – By Shane Willis

    Source: Photo.net.

  • MC Escher in video

    MC Escher in video

    Graphic artist and painter MC Escher produced a few very interesting paintings and engravings. But today, I give you the opportunity to see it differently. Bring on the video! Source: Magic Design.

  • Droste effect

    Droste effect

    In the year 1956, “the Dutch graphic artist M.C. Escher made an unusual lithograph with the title ‘Print Gallery’. It shows a young man viewing a print in an exhibition gallery. Amongst the buildings depicted on the print, he sees paradoxically the very same gallery that he is standing in.” The term was coined by…