(Nearly) every Alfred Hitchcock cameo

You certainly knew that the great movie director, Alfred Hitchcock, was used to, first in order to reduce budgets, then merely for fun, keep one little cameo appearance in each of his movies, sometimes even a small role. An Internet user collected them all (nearly) in a single sequence. YouTube link

Progress: Auto crash tests

We tend to forget it easily, but automotive technology made astounding progress in the past decades. And, there is a domain which has been simply transformed by this leap forward: Car safety. 1970’s cars were crushed by the energy of car accidents. The following video is a witness of what happened to pretty good cars… Read More

Free movies (many)

We all love when things come free to us. Here I found a treasure trove of movies that are free to download. Legally. Thanks to the Canadians of the National Film Board of Canada. They give us feature-length movies, documentaries, animated short movies. Everything, of the best quality, at the best price: Free.

Top 10 sexiest actresses, Sci-Fi movie category

Is there a more explosive combination than a good Science Fiction flick synopsis/scenario and a totally sexy actress? In my opinion, not really. So, it is time to award the Roumazeilles.net top-10 sexiest actresses of the history of Science Fiction (sorted from the less sexy to the most sexy). 10 – Tina Turner (Aunty Entity… Read More